Friday, May 1, 2009

1st Journal.. Future of Travel by justin francis

The future of travel by Justin Francis...

If I walked into a high street travel agent today, the first question I would be asked is 'Where do you want to go?' I've always thought that this was the wrong question: it isn't the 'where' that's important, it's the 'why' and the 'how'. I want to go on holiday to re-charge my batteries or to reconnect with myself. Sometimes I want to meet new people or to discover and learn about another place and another culture. When deciding what my next holiday will be, I try to place the focus more on what I need from the holiday and what I can give back to destinations and local people....

bagi akulah..
justin francis adalah seorang backpackers..
die x kisah brape die spent..
janji ada reply back..

As the cost of flying increases (whether it's due to increases in the cost of aviation fuel, tax rises or the imposition of emissions trading) and 'carbon guilt' sets in - meaning we no longer feel entirely comfortable boasting about our overseas holidays - the 'why' and 'how' of travel will surely become more important. When we travel in the future, it will be with more of a purpose, with not only our own needs in mind, but also those of the destination.

kepentingan lebih kepada..
tempat yang dituju..
maknanya.. jika kita ke indonesia..
apa feedbacknya yang kita dapat..

take example trip ke jakarta..
kebanyakan budaya membentuk keunikan pelancongan itu..
masih lagi ingat.. ke perkampungan angklung..
penerapan budaya itu menjangkau ke luara batasan..

This new way of travelling could be described as 'deep' travel. It will be about getting under the skin of a place. We already seek out authenticity - real experiences rather than fake culture packaged up for tourists - but travel in 2020 will go further. It will be about the appreciation of local distinctiveness, the idiosyncrasies and the detail, the things that make a place unique and special. It will be as much about the smell of fresh spices in Kerala in India and the colourful tailors of Hoi An in Vietnam as it is about rediscovering the exotic and locally distinctive closer to home - be it bluebells in an English wood or the taste of Wensleydale cheese......

tak kurang juga bagi yang food lovers..
pentingnya pada keunikannya..
kalau kita ke pkns..
apa uniknya..
sudah tentu kain dan tudung..
pergilah time raya.. banyak promosi....

By 2020, we'll also see the majority of hotels getting their produce, employees, materials, services and the like from sources within their immediate vicinity. I refer to this as 'hyper-local' sourcing. We'll see a new type of hotel - 'the ten-kilometre hotel' - for which all food and materials will have been sourced from within a ten-kilometre radius. In addition, these hotels will provide energy and water for guests on a metered system, and separate charges for each will appear on their bill. Discounts will be offered for those visitors who keep their energy and water use below average.

masa depan pelancongan..
sebenarnya dalam bahaya..
"bagi akulah"....

keunikan semakin hilang...
mana sahaja akan ada hotel..

The consequences of global warming, including crop failures and changes in water availability, will lead to mass migration and increased social and political instability - threatening tourism in some of the countries that are most dependent upon it.

selamat lagikah melancong..?
zoom malaysia dahulu..


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