Friday, March 13, 2009

Everything is learn..learn..learn

Dear friends...
when you are called students means
you are in stage of learning..
means you have to learn everything..

when we learn..
we need to more ask..
we need to be more considerable..
we need to thrash out the ego...

some part of my class..
i don't know (^~^)... they have barriers..
maybe because of women "typo"...
but is it.....

what are we learning?
eager to know everything..
passion of knowledge..

for me...
i'm still early 20's
i need more knowledge..
but i need to sharpen my basic..
quran.. lol..

but seriously..
if i have more time..
i spent it to recite quran..
learning back bout tajwid..
miss that time..
but i need to recite it everyday..

if I have iron-will heart..
i will do it everyday..

bout hospitality-tourism book?
read2... read2...
until i die..
bout others..
sometime learn bout finance.. economy stuff..
quite interesting...

but everything is about learn..
this life is about learn..
about money..
it is not barrier
it is the needs of life..
but knowledge is more important..

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